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Ben Skinner is a true professional to work with. He is service-oriented, listens well, and asks important questions to be sure he has all the necessary details while making the client comfortable. Clients tell me that they are definitely in ‘good hands’ with Ben.


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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Our attorneys at Skinner Law Group, located in Mesa, AZ, understand that planning for the future and navigating legal matters can feel mind-boggling, especially when it involves the well-being of your loved ones. With our expertise in estate planning, probate, trust administration, adult guardianship, and conservatorship matters, we are here to guide you every step of the way.


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Ready for an estate planning attorney to help you plan for the future and protect what matters most.

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Practice Areas

Adult Guardianship and Conservatorship

When it comes to adult guardianships and conservatorships, our team is dedicated to advocating for the well-being of vulnerable individuals. We will help you navigate the legal process of establishing guardianships and conservatorships, ensuring that the rights and best interests of the your loved ones are protected.

Estate Planning

Preserving your legacy and ensuring your loved ones are well cared for are vital aspects of estate planning. Our experienced attorneys in Mesa, AZ will work closely with you to create a comprehensive estate plan that reflects your wishes, protects your assets, and minimizes liabilities.


The probate process can be complex, often involving legal procedures, documentation, and potential disputes. We diligently advocate for your rights, resolve any conflicts, and ensure the orderly administration and distribution of assets while honoring the wishes of your loved ones.

real estate litigation

We approach real estate litigation with the same care, empathy, and personal touch we bring to our other practice areas. We will work closely with you to analyze the details of your case, develop effective strategies, and provide diligent representation in negotiations, mediation, or court proceedings.

Trust Administration

If you have been appointed as a trustee or executor, our team is here to assist you in fulfilling your fiduciary duties. We understand the responsibilities and challenges involved in trust administration, and we will guide you through every aspect of the process.

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planning for your future

We’ll walk you through the entire process.

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2. Set Goals

Clarify exactly what you want to accomplish for your peace of mind.

3. Draft a Plan

Based on the advice and guidance given by our team, develop a plan of action.

4. Relax!

Rest assured knowing Skinner Law Group has your best interests at heart and you’re prepared for the future.

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Success Stories

Ben has been our attorney for many years. The number one trait that I respect of Ben is his knowledge and competence. He also understands how to break down complex issues into simplicity. He is an excellent attorney and we entrust our estate planning to him. He has become an entrusted friend and advocate. I never hesitate to send clients his way. Ben is exceptional and one of the best at what he does and the industry that he represents. He gets results.


Excellent legal representation is a critical aspect of running a good real estate brokerage these days. And although it was a very important decision, I made it quite easily and quickly. 
Here’s what matters to me; When I call Ben for legal advice, I get it right away. I get a straight answer, and I don’t ever have to second-guess it because if there is the slightest question, he’ll be the first to say, “Let me consult with some of the other attorneys, and I’ll call you back,” which he always does. The bottom line is that I always feel like a valued client, which is what we all want when we need legal assistance.