Probate is a legal process that ensures the fair distribution of a person’s assets after they pass away. It involves validating the will, paying off any debts, and transferring the remaining property to the rightful beneficiaries.

Dividing Your Loved One’s Estate

Preserving the wishes of our clients and honoring their legacy is our utmost priority at Skinner Law Group. Whether you find yourself in need of probate estate administration, trust administration, or legal assistance for complex estate matters, our compassionate attorneys are here to provide you with expert guidance. We believe in simplifying your duties and obligations and ensuring complete transparency throughout the process.

The complexity of estate administration varies depending on factors such as the estate’s size, whether the decedent had a will, a trust, or no estate plan, and the likelihood of legal challenges or disputes from interested parties, heirs, devisees, or beneficiaries.

Probate is a legal process in Arizona used to administer both testate (with a will) and intestate (without a will) estates. It serves several purposes, including:

  • Authenticating a will
  • Determining the heirs of an estate
  • Appointing a Personal Representative for the estate
  • Establishing an inventory and accounting of estate assets’ date of death values
  • Identifying and notifying creditors
  • Settling administration costs and final debts
  • Distributing the remaining estate to named devisees and heirs

Do I Need Probate?

Not all assets in Arizona require probate. The following assets can pass automatically to new owners without probate court:

  • Assets held in a Living Trust
  • Property in Joint Tenancy
  • Community Property with a Right of Survivorship
  • Bank Accounts with Payable-on-Death designation
  • Assets registered on a Transfer-on-Death form
  • Real estate conveyed through a Transfer-on-Death deed
  • Contracts
  • Retirement accounts

If you’re uncertain about whether your loved one’s assets require probate administration or if you’d like to understand how your assets will be distributed after your passing, give us a call. With years of successful experience serving families throughout Arizona, we are ready to answer your questions.

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